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Barcelona Clúster Nàutic Patronage

Together, we strengthen the nautical sector

The Barcelona Cluster Nautic launches in 2017, three and a half years after its creation, the new patronage, a club of sponsoring companies that enjoy exclusive advantages.

The Chamber of Commerce, Jotun, Marina Vela Barcelona, ​​MB92, OneOcean Port Vell, Varador 2000 and Vilanova Grand Marina Barcelona are the first companies to become Cluster patterns.

The sponsors of the nautical cluster are companies committed with the maritime industry as an economic engine of the city and with the sea as an identity and cohesion element of Barcelona. They fervently believe in the work of the cluster as a driver of the sector and actively work to attract the superyacht fleet to the city, as a tractor of the rest of the industry.

As patrons, they enjoy a number of benefits, including exclusive access to some events, participation in an annual dinner with authorities and personalities and other advantages.

Sponsoring companies

After over a decade away from the Cup, Alinghi, one of the most dynamic names in the history of the America’s Cup, is returning to battle for sailing’s highest honour. The consecutive-winning syndicate joins forces with Red Bull, the driving force in global sport, to create a new team: Alinghi Red Bull Racing.

 The team sails under the flag of the Société Nautique de Genève and is accompanied by its main partner Swiss watch brand TUDOR. The official Swiss challenger will compete in the Selection Series for the 37th America’s Cup, in 2024 in Barcelona. The countdown starts now!



Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation was created in 1886 to defend the general interests of its members and work for the common good of commerce, industry and the shipping sector. It is a representational institution that guarantees the promotion of economic and business activity and sustainable local development.

With nearly one century of experience, we are a global leader in sustainable and innovative building solutions as well as carbon neutrality and circular economy promoters. Our clients value the quality of our products and building solutions, which are designed to shape a sustainable future. Sustainability is the hallmark of our integrated business model that includes aggregates, cement, ready-mix concrete, mortars, precast concrete, urban landscaping furniture, architectural façades, and waste management.

Cementos Molins employs over 6,200 professionals located in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Tunisia, Bangladesh, and India.


Gruppo Boero founded in 1831, it is an Italian company that formulates and produces paints and varnishes for the building and yachting sectors. Since February 2021, Gruppo Boero has been a partner of CIN, a Portuguese company and leader in the Iberian paints and varnishes market, thus positioning itself among the main world players and confirming its position as the leading Italian group in the sector. Technological research and the study and development of innovations in the field of colour have always been the winning features of the philosophy of the Group, a company with an integrated management system certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. A focus on the impact on the territory and the community characterizes not only the various phases of the production and distribution cycle, but increasingly also the company's processes and strategies. 

The Yachting Division of Gruppo Boero has been a reference point for the Italian and international market for decades. Thanks to its brands, Boero YachtCoatings and Veneziani Yachting, the company has established its presence on the market with a wide range of products for the protection, repair and maintenance of boats, as a result of constant investment in research and development in order to provide innovative and high-performance painting solutions, guaranteeing a reduced environmental impact.

Antifouling paints, developed to deliver high performance in all conditions; epoxy primers, which provide protection and high adhesion; fillers, the most lightweight and flexible in the world; undercoats with high film compactness; varnishes and topcoats, easy to apply on every type of surface, with a wide range of finishes like glossy and matt.



Marina Barcelona 92 is a company dedicated to the repair, maintenance and refurbishment of superyachts. This is a unique service located in the Port of Barcelona, a strategic site and a stopping place in the route linking the Mediterranean with the Caribbean. Covering an area of ​​76.000m², its facilities include high-capacity equipment and the latest technology that make MB'92 one of the leading shipyards in the Mediterranean and a global pioneer dedicated exclusively to the megayacht sector.


The Marina Port Vell opened in June 1992 to coincide with the Barcelona Olympics and became the first marina in Catalonia with the capacity to accommodate large vessels. In recent years, Marina Port Vell has begun a complete makeover to position itself as one of the leading luxury marinas in the Mediterranean.

Fundada en el 2004, Nova Bocana Barcelona obtiene en 2006 la concesión para la gestión, desarrollo, construcción y explotación del “Plan Especial de la Nova Bocana del Port de Barcelona”, otorgada por la Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona, mediante la construcción de un hotel, el W Barcelona, un aparcamiento subterráneo y la urbanización del entorno. La empresa también colabora en actividades relacionadas con la vela oceánica de alta competición, como la Barcelona World Race, a través de la FNOB.


Vilanova Grand Marina - Barcelona is the first marina in the Mediterranean conceived and designed exclusively for superyachts. It has had facilities specialised in superyachts since 2009 and is considered a leader in the sector. With a commitment to preserving the environment, Vilanova Grand Marina-Barcelona is governed by a comprehensive environmental programme rolled out in all areas of the Marina.



Two projects with benefits for the marine ecosystem win the second edition of B-Blue program

The Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, in collaboration with Costa Cruceros and the Port of Barcelona, has awarded two projects in the second edition of B-Blue.



In the ever-changing world of maritime equipment, sustainability is the name of the game. Solé, a respected name in boat engines and marine generators with over a century of experience,…[+]


The Barcelona Clúster Nàutic participates one more year in the Saló Nàutic with an eye to the America's Cup.

The 61st edition of the Saló Nàutic was held this year between 11 and 15 October at the Port Vell organized by the Fira de Barcelona, a partner of the…[+]

Barcelona Clúster Nàutic


Barcelona Clúster Nàutic

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